Mr Adrian Creeper

“Ben is a very skilled builder, he has done the brickwork for 2 large premises for me along with external boundary walls, re-pointing and conservation work grade 11 listed. He is a complete all-rounder, experienced, well organised and trustworthy. I would say I would use him again, but I haven’t stopped using him yet! I am very happy to recommend him and to allow inspection of his work at my premises at any time convenient.”

Mrs Nadine Holland

“Communication was excellent throughout, he kept his work areas really tidy and explained what he was doing. He finished both jobs within the suggested time frame and did a very professional job. We’re really pleased with his workmanship and ability to solve problems as they appeared.”

Tatsiana Sviatsets

“Excellent service and workmanship from start to finish. Friendly and professional. A breathe of fresh air.”